Political support key for airspace modernisation says The Sky’s The Limit

Published: 30.01.2017

Henk van Klaveren, Public Affairs & PR Manager at the Airport Operators Association, speaking on behalf of The Sky’s the Limit coalition, said:

“We welcome the Committee’s inquiry to identify the need for change to current airspace structures and potential barriers to implementing those changes.

“The case for change is overwhelming and it requires political support and Government leadership. Alongside the forthcoming Government consultation on airspace policy, this inquiry provides a major opportunity to get the policy framework right and build the political support and leadership that is critical to achieving modernisation.

“Modernisation will benefit the economy, through faster journeys and dramatically reduce the risk of future delays as a result of increased capacity, and reduce aviation’s impact on the environment and local communities. The aviation industry is playing its part and is working hard to deliver the necessary technologies and operating procedures to support the modernisation programme, and working with communities to find collaborative ways to manage the issue of aircraft noise.

“We will be playing our full part in the inquiry and encourage others to do the same.”

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