The Sky’s the Limit launches ‘The need to modernise’

Published: 14.12.2017

The Sky’s the Limit launches ‘The need to modernise’

As millions of passengers prepare to fly through UK airspace over the Christmas break, The Sky’s the Limit – a coalition representing airlines, airports and UK air traffic control – is excited to announce the launch of ‘The need to modernise’, a short film explaining how UK airspace works, what modernisation involves and why it is required.

 The video is launched as new analysis by The Sky’s the Limit shows that more than a million flights could be delayed by more than 30 mins by 2030 if the UK does not modernise its airspace. That is one in three of the flights expected to depart from UK airports in 2030.

The Government recently responded to its consultation on UK airspace policy, outlining the future process for amending our airspace so as to prevent these delays from occurring, meet growing demand for air travel, increase efficiency and capitalise on the environmental benefits of new aircraft technology.

This welcome response is the first step in preparing the UK’s airspace for the future. Industry and the government will now need to work together to make airspace modernisation a reality. The film launched today will be used to raise awareness across the country of airspace as the invisible but critical infrastructure of the UK and the benefits modernisation will bring.

Speaking on behalf of the Sky’s the Limit campaign, Airlines UK Chief Executive Tim Alderslade said: “Airspace modernisation is essential if we are to cope with future demand for air travel and reduce aircraft noise and CO2 emissions. The views of local communities, as well as airline passengers and businesses that rely on aviation and the connectivity it provides, must be an integral and fundamental part of the modernisation process.

“It is critical that we work together – including with Government – to put in place an airspace system that not only increases capacity and takes advantage of the huge investment airlines have made in new technologies, but minimises carbon emissions and delivers for communities living on the ground.”

Commenting on the release of the film, Steve Wilkinson, Chair of the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee who is interviewed in the film, said “Sustainable growth in aviation can only be achieved with effective local engagement and I welcome this initiative as a way of raising the profile of airspace modernisation”.  

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