The Sky’s the Limit responds to The Royal Aeronautical Society’s ‘Improving the UK’s Airspace’ Report

Published: 15.12.2016

“This report is a timely contribution to the debate about the need to modernise the UK’s airspace, which has barely changed in 50 years.

“Imagine the road network of the 1960s trying to cope with today’s road traffic levels; that is the level of the challenge we face unless the UK’s ageing network of airspace structures and flight paths is redesigned to make use of modern aircraft technology.

“Modernising our airspace will benefit passengers and communities living below flightpaths. That is why airlines, airports and NATS are calling for a national airspace strategy for the UK that balances the needs of all users.”


Note to editors:
The full report is available here:’s_airspace.pdf

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